Workshops / Public Speaking

Using a combination of information, entertainment, and passionate instruction, Sage Therapeutic Consulting speakers engage, captivate, inform and inspire the audience.

     Through highly researched information, useful strategies  and an entertaining and encouraging delivery, we create the condition for people in the audience to capture the meaning of the seminar and leave better able to navigate the challenges of the new landscape of the 21st century.

Whatever the specific focus of the presentation, our goal is to create the environment for participants to:

  • Acquire necessary skills

  • Exceed expectations

  • Feel they make a contribution

  • Enjoy their day

  • Go home happy

Below are some of the many titles of workshops we have provided. 

  • Cultivating Resiliency

  • Developing Resilient Leaders ( Leadership Training).

  • Mental Health First Aid

  • ASIST (applied suicide intervention skills training)

  • Teamwork/Collaboration/Cooperation (designed for corporations/established organizations)

  • Empowerment through change (Change management for organizations)

  • Raising Resilient children.

  • KIDSAFE Network - Good Touch/Bad Touch awareness with children

  • Identifying Abuse/Neglect

  • Developing interpersonal skills with teenagers

  • Presentations on Friendships/relationships with youth & Teens

  • Compassion Fatigue/Secondary Traumatic Stress

  • Building successful small businesses in the modern era.