At Sage Therapeutic Consulting we encourage all of our clients to “live out loud” and focus on self-care, wellness and utilizing your strengths to achieve your goals. In spirit of our goals we are proud to have launched Sage Learning Academy!


Online Courses, Continuing Education for Professionals and courses for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge in the mental health field.

WHAT TO EXPECT AT SAGE Learning Academy?

We specialize in providing you with a unique and expansive approach to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, as a trained social worker & psychotherapist I combine this training with my life long experience and study of awakening teachings. At Sage Therapy, we feel a majority of wellness concerns can show us where we have gotten lost in the illusions of life created by our mind and the resulting suffering our thoughts create. This suffering is a call to turn inward and listen for a deeper meaning and understanding in our soul's journey.


It's not what happens to you in life that counts -
it is how you choose to deal with it!

Psychoeducational and Motivational Workshops

Organizations can no longer rely on formal leadership to carry the sole burden of making effective decisions in the workplace. Every worker has a responsibility, accountability and a place to make decisions that support the greater good of the organization, customers and staff.
     Each one is specifically designed to raise awareness, increase acceptance and spur on action. They are positive and uplifting while delivering key messages of moving through the challenges of life and focusing on what is truly important.

We offer keynotes, seminars and workshops adjusted to your timelines, customized to focus on the unique conditions and needs of your staff and schedule a workshop today!